1. How to register for online programme?

Admission Office.

Educasium IAS Academy
No: 48/53, CIT Nagar First Main Road,
Chennai – 600035, Tamilnadu
(T.Nagar – South Usman Road Extension)

The detailed syllabus and test plan will be provided to registered students well in advance.

24. What are the topics covered in online programme?

23. Is the practice test different from mock test?

Video lessons will be posted on alternate days in a sequence throughout the course duration (11 months)

Phone :  9962055522 / 9962155533

Email : educasium@live.com

Blog   :educasium.blogspot.com

Youtube : Educasium IAS Academy

Facebook : facebook.com/educasium

Practice test are test questions that is available in link format after each video lesson. But, Mock test is full test of 100 questions each which happens as part of Simulated test series.

 We don’t have such instalment options.

Videos will be posted sequentially extending a time period of 11 months. Active videos can be watched based on your choice. 

Online Coaching IAS payment link

Online program consists of 
    1.Full Syllabus coverage (through Video Lessons)
    2. Full class notes with infographic content.
    3. Practice Questions and Previous year questions for revision.
    4. Mock to assess your capability

Bonus : Current Affairs notes

Candidates can attend the mock test at the most preferable time and watch the answer discussion video on their convenience.

All the study materials will be provided in e-Format (soft copy) only. 

22. How are the test papers appraised?

13. Is there a different schedule for main exam coaching?

Mock test series question book lets will be sent in PDF format. Students are requested to print the question book let and practice the test. The answers for the question will be discussed in “Answer Discussion Videos”

Online course is a package and it cannot be purchased partially.

16. Is there a helpline to handle queries while accessing online classes?

No, there is no restriction in number of times you watch the video. Watch it as many times as you wish, until you master the subject.

UPSC Online course LOGIN

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For IAS Coaching in Chennai Call : 99620-55522

Students who clear Main Exam will be getting exclusive Interview coaching on Personality development as well Interview panels will be set to provide simulated interview experience.

5. How can we get the doubts clarified?

This request is purely situation based. We request candidates with such intention to move from Online to Offline, shall call the helpline provided at the time of enrolment.

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31. Can we watch the video as well as download it?

Please download the course blue print by clicking the below image to know about the list of topics covered in online program.

Civil Services Exam is a highly competitive exam. You are creating your own competition by sharing the video and study material to others

Sharing the video content or course study materials to others is strictly prohibited. If we find any course content in social media, we will be tracking the student who shared and take necessary steps to terminate the student from the course.

Registered candidates can will get Login id and Password to access the Videos.  Lessons can be accessed in any device such as mobile, desktop, laptop or tab.

11. Is there a demo video available to watch before joining the course?

 Frequently Asked Questions (Online Course)

12. Is this course also covers main exam coaching?

25. Will the videos come in as one package of data or each month?

26. Is there any restriction on the number of times to access the videos?

Our videos are completely explanatory. Adding to that we provide the complete course material. In spite of that, if the doubt persist, candidates can post their doubts via WhatsApp contact that will be shared to registered students.

Yes, there is a helpline to handle queries related to technical issues on online classes. This helpline number will be shared to registered students.

15. Are there any periodic assessment conducted to track my progress?

The e-Study material and Practice Questions for respective topic is available instantly for download in a link just next to the Class Video.

3. What mode of payment is accepted ?

7.  Will I get refund if I need to quit the program in between?

9. Can I choose the topics I need and make partial payment (fees)?

Students should self-appraise their test performance by watching the “Answer Discussion Videos”

14. How is the coaching for interview handled?

19. When will I get the e-Study material and Practice Questions ?

27. Can we share the video and course content to others?

8. Can I choose the topics of Videos to be watched?

28. Will there be a specific time slot for attending mock test?

Online course takers are eligible only for online classes. However, if we conduct any special direct classes, we will be informing the candidates accordingly.

You can watch the video any number of times, however – it is not possible to download it.

21. What is the timetable for test series?

29. How will I get access to Videos?

20. How will I be able to access the test series?

30. How long the video can be accessed? Or Can we access the videos after the course duration also ?

10. Can I Pay the fees in Instalments?

Videos can be accessed until the course duration.

Email for enquiry on UPSC Civil Services Exam : educasium@live.com

2. What can be expected out of online programme?

17. Can I switch from Online to Offline during the tenure of the course?

4. Is there an option to attend classes directly in the academy? / Is there any contact classes available?

We have several videos in our Youtube channel. Please watch it and call us if you need any clarification.

Our online program is for self motivated Aspirants who want to become an IAS/IPS officer all of their own. Hence the responsibility of assessing is with the students themselves. However, we will be tracking the participation of students in the course and let them know if they are procrastinating.

No, we request candidates to completely satisfy themselves before joining the course. No fee refund request will be entertained after the course starts.

Payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Phone Pe, Bhim, G pay, Paytm

Click the below link to make payment: 

6. What are the Optional subjects covered?

We normally admit our offline and online students who clear Preliminary exam in our Main exam writing practice class. At that time, we shall inform the students about Main Exam coaching. (Only for candidates who clear Prelims)

You can enrol in online course in three easy steps
   1. Click the link

   2. Scroll down and click “Pay Now” button
   3. Pay the fees online and join the course.

This course is a foundation course for Preliminary Exam, however a major part of the Main Exam syllabus is covered in the course. Only two topics are not covered in General Studies such as ETHICS and World History.

18. Will I get any Hard Copy of Study material?

We cover optional subjects such as Public Administration, History, Political Science and Sociology.

          However, we advise students to hold their decision on choosing the optional subject, because there is a high chance for UPSC to remove the Optional Subject from the Exam pattern all together.

In such case the Optional subject preparation is of no use.